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Our range contains 3 stunning finishes – Antique, Black and Chrome – with Celtic and Scottish thistle designs throughout. These are the perfect addition to your kilt outfit to add some decoration, as well as providing some weight to the front apron of your kilt.

The kilt pin is a piece of jewellery that is usually worn on the lower corner of the outer apron of a kilt. Its function is to prevent the apron falling or blowing open, by adding weight to the outer apron and is commonly seen as a form of decoration. It does not pin the outer apron to the inner fabric, which is a common misconception. Kilt pins should usually be placed on the bottom, fringed open corner of the kilt, typically 2 pattern squares over and up from the edge of the kilt fabric.

It is common for kilt pins to be decorative with many featuring clan symbols, national emblems or native animals and plants. Contemporary kilt pins often symbolise personal interests, favourite places or are personalised for the wearer.

For every occasion

Kilt pins come in different style and are appropriate for different occasions. The simplest style of pin is a large safety pin. This or a blanket pin is suggested for sports dress. Whereas a more ornate pin would be appropriate for formal day wear, and a silver pin with a stone set in it would be expected for evening wear. In this way the kilt pin matches the formality of the dress and occasion.

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